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Mensagem por Min em Qui Jul 30, 2015 7:04 pm

Helpless. Useless. She was both of these wretched things as she touched Elia's skin and begged him to wake up, to start breathing regularly. Her own head was so cloudy and so foggy that she couldn't breathe herself, and feeling his lack of pulse under her fingertips sent her into a different sort of haze. She had to be helpful to him, but she didn't know where to start, or how to fix him. She didn't even know what had happened or why he was like this, because as far as she could remember, the faeries that she had attacked and drained hadn't gotten more than a couple of hits on him at the most. Had that done damage to him? Was he harmed from their attacks, or perhaps going into shock? She just didn't know, and as the seconds passed, she felt more and more useless, even as she tilted her head around to look for a phone, or even before the idea to run outside and scream for help hit her.

She was back on her feet as a presence entered the room, raising the hairs on the back of her neck and causing her to jerk back when she realized who it was. Cassander Novak, a face she'd seen from afar, much the way she had done with Elia. A face she wasn't sure she wanted to see, but would take the help of, if it meant that Elia would be safe and not continue slipping away from her. Salome let out a gasp of air and turned back to Elia, opening her mouth to try and explain as best as she could, despite not knowing what was happening to him, eyes still tearing, tears still dripping down her cheeks and into her loose hair. She leaned back down to him, to touch his hand and call his name again, when Cassander snapped.

"Get out of my way." His tone slithered through her, making her jump. It wasn't as loud as she was used to, when the whole world had invaded her hearing and made sure she was aware that she knew what was going on, but she could feel his urgency and his anger in it. She could feel herself shaking, not out of fear of him, but at the shudder that had run into her veins when he spoke. Salome moved back slightly, hands clasped in front of her, coming to kneel on the other side of Elia - she refused to leave his side, unless there was something helpful she could do. But more and more, she was realizing her weakness, her lack of strength and speed, her lack of anything that might have made a difference for him.

Her tears slowed as she looked alertly at Cass and Elia, hearing his snarl. Now she did shrink back, at the insinuation, at the thought that she could ever hurt him. Her anger rose - not in volumes she was used to, not in waves that felt like they would never end, that she would kill someone if she got far enough - but in a way that felt like human anger. "I didn't do anything to hurt him," she snapped out, sick at the idea that he believed she had. It stung, the way he spoke to her and the way that her biggest regret was thrown at her. And perhaps it wouldn't have if she wasn't so damn human, with those human emotions that were breaking her apart, when she wanted to do something more.

He wanted her to explain, but she couldn't. She even opened her mouth again, to try to, to say something. But she didn't have an answer, or an idea. Not until Elia spoke quietly, stirring underneath her hand and breaking the angry tension between Salome and Cassander. Faeries. Magic. She remembered something that had seemed so insignificant, that she saw in her mind. "Faery blood," the woman breathed out urgently, recalling the vials of blood that had been the things to trigger the faeries into attacking him. "He had faery blood. Two or three vials, I think."

Why? She looked to him, asking the question in her head and feeling the rush of upset hitting her again, though she swallowed it down. Why had he taken it? "Hospital," she spit out briefly to Cassander, squeezing Elia's hand as she stood. Resolve flashed in her eyes as she pushed through the struggle of her weakness in doing the most basic things. "Do you have a cell phone? I need to call them." She couldn't carry Elia, regrettably, though she had been able to before. It had been a joke between them, her lifting him off the ground with ease.

A joke that she was mournful over. But she mourned so much when it came to Elia and their life before she ruined it. If she lost him today, bearing any of this regret and guilt would be impossible.

I saw you leaving, I saw the light go out, you will be brought back to me
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